Tom Cruise Partners with NASA to shoot Movie on international Space Station.

Tom Cruise Partners with NASA to shoot Movie on international Space Station.

Tom Cruise partners with NASA for space-set project

From teaming up with Elon Musk’s SpaceX for a space-set adventure film, Tom Cruise partners with NASA to shoot a film aboard the Interntional Space Station, with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine taking to Twitter to reveal the news.

It’s indistinct now if the film on board the International Space Station is associated with the venture Cruise is chipping away at with SpaceX, yet given Musk answered to Bridenstine’s tweet by saying “Should be a lot of fun!,” all signs point to the two science associations cooperating on the film. The film declared on Monday with SpaceX is set to be the main story include shot in space and is allegedly not joined to Cruise’s long-running hit establishment Mission: Impossible.

Tom cruise partners with nasa

Cruise has become notorious in Hollywood for his meticulous nature of doing almost exclusively his own stunts, rivaling Jackie Chan (The Foreigner) for the heights and extremes he will go to deliver pulse-pounding set pieces throughout his various blockbuster films. While the first Mission: Impossible was a generally tame effort for stunts, Cruise has taken it bigger with each follow-up, beginning with the no-wire climb in Mission: Impossible 2 in Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park and continuing with the Shanghai skyscraper run in 3, scaling the Dubai skyscraper the Burj Khalifa and executing stunts 123 floors up in Ghost Protocol.

The most notorious came in the sixth and most acclaimed installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Fallout, which saw him hang from a helicopter in flight and scale a hanging payload, followed by flying the chopper itself around the Siachen Glacier and conducting a real High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) jump. He also leaped between multiple rooftops for a foot chase sequence, which resulted in him infamously breaking his ankle and forcing production to halt on the film for two months.

Well as tom cruise partners with NASA the cinemas are definitely going to be filled whenever they finish the production.

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