Terrorist and Thief’s in uniforms called #Sars

Nigerians are currently being brutalised by disguised Terrorists and thiefs created by the government known as Special anti robbery squad Also known as “Sars” with numerous attacks on young citizens by this group of people

In recent weeks, this group of people have been invading and destroying the people of nigeria lives and properties. This group of people took their invasion of privacy and human right to the next level after being given a go ahead to search and seize any one who they suspect is guilty without a search warrant and it’s funny how the government first of all approved of this🤦‍♂️.

Terrorists and thiefs called sars

This group of people called sars are oppressing the one’s they are supposed to protect including their properties. And it’s also funny how this group of people have made dressing good a crime.

To them looking good is a sign that you are a fraudster and most young people have fallen victims to this. Once they suspect you and force fully want to search you they believe you’re not meant to express your right as a citizen, you’re to keep quiet and obey what they say when they dont even find you guilty they request you drop a certain amount of money and if you don’t they threaten to kill you. A scenario like this recently happened in delta state where the group called sars killed a guy and drove off with his Lexus 350 car.. for what reason?… no one knows.

A lot of twitter users are requesting that the government put an end to this group and to be honest we have had positive response from those at the top but we are yet to find out how effective they are, probably we would start looking at their activities because the government banned them

Some top 9ja celebrities like wizkid,davido even came out to speak about this

Wizkid unleashes at president buhari for pretending to not know what’s going on and doing something else!!

Other also shared their concerns on twitter

Even the governor of lagos has promised to address the issue after releasing a statement on his twitter

We all hope they have started resolving this in the country because if the right steps aren’t taking this could be worse.. because the young people in the country would start taking revenge on these officers lifes and it could be total chaos for the nation because currently it’s really getting hot in delta state the youth there have started killing sars there.

I hope this gets shared till our silent president sees this!!.

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