Star Wars lost its magic, and The Rise of Skywalker Is To Blame.

Star Wars lost its magic, and The Rise of Skywalker Is To Blame.

Today is May 4th. Yep, that day. Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you, etc. The pun that, thanks to the internet, somehow transformed a regular day into a global holiday of Star Wars worship. But there’s only one problem: I don’t want to worship at that altar again!!.. And i’m sure a lot of people would’nt want to either.

And The Rise of Skywalker is to blame.

Currently the rise of skywalker has been getting some bad ratings but so far the worst i have seen, Was that from mark seller a writer at cnet news said ‘It’s embarrassing, but there was a point during my first watch of The Rise of Skywalker where, in a packed theater, I audibly said “what the hell?” 

For me I can’t remember exactly which part. There were a few candidates.

`It could have been right at the beginning, when Rose Tico (played by Kelly Marie Tran) was yanked from The Rise of Skywalker like Poochie from The Simpsons. It absolutely felt like a move designed for disaster

That sucked. Big time. Definitely worth a refund of money

But my biggest what the hell moment came during the big “Rey’s origins” reveal. 

Fixing one of The Last Jedi’s most intriguing decisions, Kylo Ren reveals to Rey she wasn’t the little girl of lushes who auctions her off for alcohol cash. Nah, scratch that. In a frantic endeavor to attach everything back to the first set of three (causing the Star Wars universe to feel littler than a snow globe), Rey was uncovered to be the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine: The enormous baddie who mysteriously showed up in the third film, less any hinting in the past two motion pictures.

“What the heck?”

The Last Jedi was a film that requested we “let the past kick the bucket.” It railed against easygoing sentimentality. Whole areas, similar to the gambling club scene on Canto Bight, were a long way from great, yet The Last Jedi was striking and innovative. It never welcomed us to point, “LOOK, LANDO’S HERE!” Instead, it made an awesome showing of destroying all fan desires. It killed its principle lowlife part of the way through the run time; changed Luke Skywalker from a dull make the best decision legend type into a horrible, harsh recluse tormented by his own failings.

star wars day

It was a film that paid testament to the weird imagination of the original trilogy, but refused to pander to the most basic tenets of its mythology. A vocal minority hated it, but for my money it was one of the bravest blockbuster movies of the last decade. It made me care about Star Wars again.

May the Fourth be with you. I just want to ignore it. It’s a hashtag I’ll be muting into oblivion. Because in a day that’s supposed to be a celebration, there’s not much to celebrate. 

But my biggest sin was caring in the first place. 

well i’ve said mine already hear more from twitter

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