Origin Of Music

Origin Of Music

The origin of music today has been widely argued around the world, some would say it originated from africa, others the americans or asia. Including burna boy who said on a talk with Trevor noah that music originated from africa so instead of creating arguments let’s enlighten ourselves.

The origin of music could be described as unknown as it occurred prior to recorded history suggesting that the origin of music likely stems from naturally occurring sounds and rhythms.

Honestly trying to determine the origin of music isn’t going to be easy because in all probability, it is likely to have begun during the Early men stage probably during hunting, ceremonial killing, clapping or beating the hands on different surfaces.

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Scientist says that between at least 60,000-30,000 years ago, ancient humans experienced a type of cultural explosion. They started creating arts in form of paintings on cave walls, hunting in groups and burying their dead ceremonially. So let me ask you , when hunters go in group there’s always something that brings bonding right?….. probably they must have been making jungle sounds that united them together… I’m not jumping into conclusion yet but i would say that was definitely music to them.

Evolutionary scientist believe that a musical culture would have helped prehistoric human species survive because the music co-ordinates emotions and to some people who thinks music is only for clearing your mind, it also helped tp deliver messages, motivates people to identify with a group and motivates individual to support other group members during the prehistoric stage.

Going back to the business of the day, hunting and cultural exploration which is believed to have began and more dominant in africa. And i stated that music (making sounds and clapping) could have originated during this period especially during group hunting and ceremonials.

SO LET’S CONCLUDE!!!…… Music originated or got inspired majorly from hunting and africa.

Taking a look at our present world today it would surprise you how jungle sounds and clapping of hands of the prehistoric human has transformed to classic tones from the pianos and guitar to make classic music. But credit to the prehistoric humans they are the real genius.

KNOW THIS: The oldest musical instrument is believed to be the divje babe flute. discovered in a cave in slovania 1995.

Speaking of revolution music has definitely revolutionized into different genre like jazz, rock, hip-hop music, pop music, musical theatre, folk music, blues, pop rock there are so many It’s just so beautiful.

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