Kanye west has got a lot going on, but plans to reunite friendship with Jay-z

Kanye west has been up to a lot lately and has been sparking up different reactions with his interesting and worrying tweets.

Kanye west rants

It seems like he is not happy with the way the music industry is going in terms of the contracts musicians get from record labels which only favours the record label. And he took to his Twitter to say all musicians would be free.

We get that Kanye west is really pissed with the way the whole music industry is going but what we don’t understand is why he shared a video of himself urinating on his Grammy

Prolly he meant since the music industry treats musicians as thrash he would also treat the music industry most valuable item as trash and he said he wasn’t going to stop till all is fair!!

And in his recent tweet activity he also spoke about his relationship with Jay-z due to the fact that a lot of people said Jay-z sold his(kanye) masters to get his back, which they thought might cause a stir but kanye still insisted that the system wouldn’t pit them together.

He also gave a tweet wilhich showed his desperation to rekindle his friendship with Jay-z but looked like he was throwing shades at puma after saying their designs are “embarrassingly trash”. And said that he would try to be their designs creator once he unites them together with Adidas.

This time kanye’s talk on Twitter is actually for a great reason.. he wants all artists to be free from certain bondage called contract

But through all these his wife kim Kardashian has vowed to be with him through all this. Which is so lovely.

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