Justin and hailey Bieber launches a quarantine series titled ‘The Biebers’ on Facebook

Justin and hailey Bieber launches a quarantine series titled ‘The Biebers’ on Facebook

Justin Bieber has launched a new quarantine reality series with his wife Hailey from their home in Puslinch, Ont. The biebers.

The 12-episode series, called “The Biebers on Watch,” Kicked of on monday, with the superstar couples heading out to a lake to talk about their beautiful journey as couples.

The series would be streaming the facebook watch platform, And would be filmed around the biebers 101-acre property on puslinch lake where they are quarantined.

A sweet moment we got while they were on the lake was when justin asked hailey if this was one of the most beautiful places that she has ever been?” and Hailey responded by calling it their “sanctuary.”

Episodes will allow fans to take a closer look into the couple’s life, along with details of their life during the COVID-19 lockdown.

New episodes will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. Meaning we should be expecting one today.

This series comes after Justin’s recent YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons. That project set a record for the most-watched YouTube original in its first week. WOW.

Bieber has made a couple of surprise local impacts recently

He took out to facebook and said ‘”Here is the announcement. Very excited because we have finally done it. I’m releasing a new song #StuckwithU with my friend Ariana Grande next Friday on May 8th
Working with our family at SB Projects and universal music group proceeds from the sales and streams of #StuckwithU will fund grants and scholarships for children of first responders who have been impacted by COVID-19″. what a kind jesture.

The biebers on facebook

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