Influencers Turned Cowards; Most celebrities are afraid to start a protest

With the recent happenings of continuous brutality on people by special anti robbery squad (sars), a lot of people in this country are looking for the right influential person to lead a protest against the activity of sars and surprisingly, The most influential, African Giant(s), Celebrities and the rest of them have all turned cowards.

SARS protest
#EndSARS protest

It’s really funny how before all this menace, they would all come out and be feeling like a group of Fela Kuti. With the way they act, songs they make and the lifestyle they show us, would make you think they could take down any evil the government throws at them and the people..๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ.. now it’s time for real life and all they could do is lead the charge on twitter.

I’m not saying it’s anyone’s right to do it please do not misquote but if you’re claiming to be the reborn of fella, do what fella would always do in this period. Do you know how many bullet fela is ready to take for his people?! Because that is what he preaches in his lifestyle. We would have been done with this protest since if he was here. And if you claim to be among the most influential Use your influence to raise a protest for heavens sake!!.. or have you guys turned cowards all of a sudden?. So sad.

To even imagine that citizens were called Twitter noisemakers by naira Marley and he wasn’t able to finish his proposed protest is really funny. But kudos to him though because he made an effort but one might easily understand his reason for backing out from his proposed protest.

For years it’s still being tackled!!. Sars protest

I would love to redirect this back to those influencers, african giant and Fela’s; You all should stop protesting on twitter. If you want to show concerns do it the right way because the blue bird app protest would only have a minimal effect!!.

And to those who are doing something real… big ups to you ๐Ÿ™Œ

Shout out to runtown and falz๐Ÿ™Œ.. you guys are the real MVP.

Mixed reactions :

But you guys would be claiming African Giant(s).

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