Ex bbnaija housemates kiddwaya and Erica social media accounts is shadow banned.

It looks like haters still don’t want to let kiddrica enjoy their lives after the bbnaija show.

Kiddwaya and erica nlewedim instagram account is facing a shadow ban while their twitter accounts is suspended and the only people responsible for this are their haters after continuous reporting of their social media accounts. They both revealed this on a post on their Instagram accounts.

Bbnaija kiddrica
kiddrica bbnaija

The queen of the elites said that no matter what she would thrive on social media and in real life

Shockingly!!.. it was also revealed that different people created different accounts to impersonate her using those accounts to defraud people of their money and other items. I guess they thought since her gofundme could raise more than 30 million within 4 weeks then definitely she has got a very strong fan base. “After all na hustle” 🤷‍♂️ could be what might be going through their mind😂.

The leader of the wayademgang kiddwaya even came out to say that the movement is way beyond social media. It’s a force nobody can stop so they should keep trying.

Bbnaija kiddrica
Kiddrica bbnaija

But honestly I still don’t know why people want kiddrica to fail🤦‍♂️… they are out of the house and haters are still chasing, constantly looking for their downfall. But you see instead of them failing they keep getting higher in real life with their ambassadorial deals and the rest.

Maybe some people are angry with kiddrica because Erica rejected their chosen boyfriend for her🤷‍♂️.. who knows.. even she and the rejected boyfriend has settled their differences regarding their dispute in the house. Honestly The envy is becoming annoying now.

Twitter reactions:

kiddrica bbnaija
Please I do advice that we all move on with our lives and support kiddrica instead of envy.

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